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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Dear Thailand

I am very sorry I cannot bring you any masks ka. We are all sold out due to Pandemic Panic Syndrome. Our local area has one case. He is now resting quietly at home in Santa Clara after recent visit to Wuhan. It is reported that he is not very sick so likely won't die. His chances of dying are only 2% with this virus. Compare to Bird flu 39.90% and SARS 9.6%. 

Please note masks are not effective protection. Not even the prestigious 3M brand respirator (made in China). Masks work best when worn by sick people to prevent fluids spraying onto others. Best protection is to wash your hands. 

I can also recommend a pair of gloves for the germs you might accidentally touch on the BTS, on public stairway banisters and doorknobs everywhere. I can get you two pair per box for only $6.49. 

And to prevent putting your hands to your mouth may I recommend this high fashion cone. Medium size will fit most humans. $19.29, but very satisfying and will increase your personal space to large American size. 

For prevention of the human spit to landing on face I recommend 100% polycarbonate face shield with flip up visor for only $3.99. 

I can also provide full coverage Tyvek suit with hood. Please place your orders by midnight Sunday 2/2/2020 San Francisco time ka.  3 p.m. Monday 3/2/2563 Bangkok time. 

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